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Say goodbye to your old

smartphone in a meaningful


Donate your spare phone

An African female entrepreneur gets a chance to expand her business

Digital inclusion for everyone

By donating your old smartphone, you will support a fellow human in improving her quality of life. Each donation brings an African female entrepreneur a step closer to leasing a smartphone. She will get access to more information and an opportunity to grow her business. 


  “When you empower a woman, you empower the whole community”


How it works


You donate the phone


Our experts erase the data safely and securely


Our experts refurbish and evaluate the phone


An African female entrepreneur leases the phone

About us

Smartphones4Good is an Aion Sigma initiative, which aims to contribute to digital and financial inclusion in the African continent.

Donor experiences

Anna Juusela, We Encourage

We are moving towards a world, where individuals have a possibility to create big changes. Technology enables global connections and brings enormous amounts of possibilities for creating impact, even from your own couch. Smartphones4good by Aion Sigma offers an opportunity to help and make an impact in a concrete way. Donating a phone will create a better tomorrow for the African entrepreneurs.

Our ambassadors and funded entrepreneurs

the people who make S4G succeed

What our donors say

Sonja Mattinen

Thank you, Smartphones4Good! Empowering women is probably the best thing I could do with my old smartphone!

Tina & Tom

We hated that our old phones were laying around for so long in our drawers, so when we found out about Smartphones4Good, we sure knew what to do!

Kristoffer Eklof

Can't think of a better idea for recycling my phone. I mean, sure, you can send it back to iStore or something, but would it feel the same? I doubt that!

Why donate here?


Phone recycling costs you

It is expensive to recycle your phone correctly.


Just as good as giving money

Yes, old way of donating money proved to work, though with phone donations we achieve a broader impact > see #3


Guaranteed impact

Every phone donation helps female entrepreneurs become financially and digitally included in the society as well as preserves our planet's health


No phone gets dumped

Every phone we receive is either sold or carefully recycled at our own cost.


We know what we do inside out

We have been working with African markets for more than 10 years and build a network of reliable partners to support us in what we do.


Empower the women

In Africa women entrepreneurs are even more rare than in the developed countries. We can now challenge that.

Donate your smartphone here

Once we receive your form, you will get the instructions on how to ship it to us.


All smartphones are welcome – we don’t discriminate! However, newer models (max. 5 years old) will benefit the entrepreneur the most. We carefully evaluate the phones so that only working ones will get a new owner.

Yes, you can. We will refurbish it, unless it has reached the end of its life.

Of course. Just fill out the form on our page with your details, and we will get back to you with instructions. Our partner We Encourage will work with us to ensure the money goes to the right place.

Once the entrepreneur is 100% funded, we issue her a smartphone along with a leasing contract through our local partnering distributor. The entrepreneur activates the new smartphone and gets advice on how to utilise it to support her business.

Only smartphones give access to internet, which is why we focus on them. With regards to non-smartphones, you can contact us and we will inform inform you about the most convenient way to recycle it.

We’re glad you asked! Once your phone arrives, we:

  1. refurbish it, evaluate it, and grade it accordingly
  2. wipe out all the data with our software to ensure your privacy
  3. list it on our platform for resale, and eventually ship it to a lucky new owner. 

You will get her contact details upon request.

To help us with the process, we kindly ask you to remove the screen lock. It is easy to do, and you can find instructions on how to do it for Android, and iPhone . Most of us have a lot of photos and other valuable stuff on our phones, and we suggest doing a back up of the files and resetting the phone to factory settings.

Yes. The entrepreneurs can be connected to the internet by purchasing data bundles of different sizes.

As electricity can be generated by solar energy, we provide our customers with solar chargers. Convenient and environmentally friendly!

If you have any more questions, please call us or get in touch with us on

Want to donate money instead?

We will be glad to accept it, too!