Every phone bought here helps female entrepreneurs in Africa gain access to technology and up-to-date information. During the pandemic this is crucial for their lives and lives of their families.
  • LEAGOO Solely Tab S8

  • Huawei Y6 2018

    35,00  25,00 
  • Samsung Galaxy A10

    115,00  60,00 
  • High quality Nokia 2.2 smartphone

    79,00  50,00 
  • Solar Charger - Power Of The Sun

    79,00  40,00 

Delivery & Shipping

We are located in Helsinki, Finland. You can pick up the phones yourself from our pickup point or order a delivery to any place in Uusima region. We also ship by post across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

All unwanted phones that are in good conditions and no older than X years are suitable for our program. We ask you to send working phones, with minimum scratching and with all parts still functioning. Please be mindful when assessing the condition of your phone as collecting unusable ones is a financial loss for us 🙂

Absolutely! We are happy to accept other electronic devices donations in the form of:

  • power banks
  • solar chargers
  • iPad and tablets 
  • Kindles and e-readers
  • Laptops
  • Digital Cameras, etc. 

There is probably someone else out there willing to purchase one of these devices on our e-shop. If you are not sure whether your device is suitable for our program, just drop up a message at the following email address: xx@xx.com and someone in the team will reply to you shortly.

Yes, please. It would be extremely helpful for us to receive the phone or any other electronic device consisting of chargers and batteries. We also understand if you don’t possess the related accessories anymore so don’t worry too much about it.

This is a great question! Once we receive the donated phones, we make sure that the previous owner has erased all the private information. We care about our donors’ privacy and we perform a rigorous assessment of the phone before selling it on our e-shop. We wipe out all the information on the phone by xx and we rest it by xx. And we shred the sim card if still in the phone. Once this process is completed, we assess the status of the phone. We assign “grades” determined based on xx. 

Grade A:      | usually sold € X – X

Grade B:  | usually sold € X – X

Grade C: | usually sold € X – X

Grade D: | usually sold € X – X


If we realize that the phone is unusable or too old to be sold on our e-commerce we recycle it by xx. 

Once we receive your donation, we send you a confirmation email within the next 24h. We will kindly ask you to fill in some extra information regarding your address and location so we can create the shipping label for you. You can expect to receive it within 48h. If you don’t hear from us, please don’t hesitate to contact us either via mail or phone 🙂

No, the shipping process remains exactly the same.

You can remove any SIM card prior to donation. After that you can check online whether the manufacturer of your phone has specific instructions on wiping away all the information from your specific device. 


In case you cannot find any information, don’t worry about it as we will take care of it! We perform rigorous data cleaning of all the phones before selling them on our e-shop and it is our top priority to guard your safety and privacy.

If you have any more questions, please call us or get in touch with us on contact@aionsigma.com